Saturday, October 15, 2011

Doronino - Living History Camp Near Borodino

Near the field of Borodino, where every year come a lot of reenactors for The Annual Battle of Borodino, there is a small peaceful village called Doronino. On its ground is situated a private museum of Russian culture and history "Doronino". Thanks to the director of Doronino museum this is not just a small Russian village. This is a beautiful living history camp for the best of reenactors where they can live at any time of the year!

Of cause, the most "hot" time is week of The Battle of Borodino. The event itself goes on the weekend but some of Doronino residents come earlier. It's good to live a calm life of XIX's century for a week :)

There is an agreement between the owner of the museum and reenactors. He allows us to live here at any time of the year, we can build the barraсks, keep out stuff there safely. And we should help him sometimes with works connected with museum. That's very nice for all of us.

In Doronino camp live Russian section of 8e demi-brigade de ligne, Russian section of 9eme de legere (my friend and me are members of this club), chasseur a pied de la Garde, 6eme Lancieres Poloneis and Life-Guard Litovskiy Regiment (Russian Army).

The main rule for those who live in Doronino is everything they use in daily life should fit Napoleonic period. All cups, kitchen stuff, tents and so on should be from those times. Without doubts, it's hard to refuse totally all modern things but we are working hard to do this.

Also there is a very nice location called Barynya's (Madam's) Place. If all other locations filled up with horrible soldiers of French Napoleonic and Russian Army, at Madam's you can always find foreign carpets, high-tony sweets and warmth of her hurt :)

Camps of all clubs are quite isolated one from each other so nobody disturbs no one.

During the day there are a lot of work for everyone. Someone help museum, someone mount tents for newcomers, someone cook a meal. Usually there is not so much people from all clubs live in Doronino before the Borodino weekend so sometimes we dine together.

That's interior of 9eme de legere barrack.

And when the night comes, everybody puts on all best clothes, takes candle lamp and walks from one camp to another to talk with friends and to share tasty wine or other drinks. My birthday clashes with camp time so that's part of reenactment life for me :)

When major part of our club comes, there is no more time for walks and chat. It's drill, drill, drill and again drill for guys of 9eme.

So that's how we live in living history camp "Doronino". Next time i'll tell you about The Battle of Borodino 2011 and show some photos.