Monday, October 17, 2011

Annual Battle of The Borodino - 2011

This year reenactment of The Borodino Battle were even more interesting comparing with last year event. There were one small spice.

Usually the main reenactment action was on Sunday. At first everybody goes to the place near Napoleonic war's monuments (tomb of the Great Army, monuments to the Russian Army and Artillery) and takes part in the official meeting with speeches of Russian and French official delegates. After the floral tribute all reenactors goes by bus to the main camp where everybody wait the start of the event. During that hour everybody are walking through the camp, chatting with each other, dining in field cоffee bar and so on.

On Saturday there was just try-out of the general battle. During the free time reenactors are doing what they want. But this time...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Doronino - Living History Camp Near Borodino

Near the field of Borodino, where every year come a lot of reenactors for The Annual Battle of Borodino, there is a small peaceful village called Doronino. On its ground is situated a private museum of Russian culture and history "Doronino". Thanks to the director of Doronino museum this is not just a small Russian village. This is a beautiful living history camp for the best of reenactors where they can live at any time of the year!

Of cause, the most "hot" time is week of The Battle of Borodino. The event itself goes on the weekend but some of Doronino residents come earlier. It's good to live a calm life of XIX's century for a week :)