Monday, October 15, 2012

Russian Historical Camp - Alma reenactment 2012

Last post was about French and English camp on Alma reenactment and the battle. Now I want to tell you about Russian part of the event.

This time there were two interesting features during Alma reenactment 2012.

First one is Russian Historical Camp. Main idea was to avoid all modern things and adjust timetable to historical prototype.

It is interesting that Russian army had many curious customs during the Crimean war. The morning and evening dawns, which had to be accompanied with a shot from a artillery cannon, morning checkings, prayers and so on. Certainly, it is hard to avoid modern things. But this is good beginning. This year the historical camp was small. Only two regiments lives there: the Borodinskiy light regiment and Russian artillery. I hope, it will become good tradition and the camp will expand.

And second news was a new reenactment group called artillery detachment of 1\4 pood unicorn (this is type of cannon). This was their first events. It took a year to create new group. And guys did everything just great. This is project of my friend so I think I'll mention them in the future post.

Photos from training...


... and from the action.

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  1. These men look very good! It is hard to avoid modern airplanes flying over or cars and power wires in the area. In the camp it is best not to bring any modern things that you have to hide.
    This camp looks very good to.