Thursday, August 23, 2012

200th Anniversary of Battle of Arapiles (Battle of Salamanca), Spain

Los Arapiles is a small town near quite big Spanish city Salamanca. It has only 600 habitants according to Wikipedia. But there was very interesting battle 200 years ago. So we came there to take part in it.

 There was only one bus in evening so we decided to go by feet. It was about 12 km from center of Salamanca.

Beginning of our little walk.

On our way through another pueblo we've seen very nice old buildings. I think this house were here while Englishman were passing by here 200 years ago.

On Saturday historical camp was opened for visitors almost all day. People in Spain is great! Everybody are very nice, polite and interested in this event.

Photos of our camp life.

Portuguese camp

Legion Vistula and one light infantryman from 9eme ligere.

Frenchmen. They were our only allies here. I don't know why but people from French regiments didn't come here.

Scots and British

Guys from Braunschweig. It's interesting that their flag is similar to modern ukrainian flag. Small part on native places :)


Englishmen made training specially for spectators despite a heat.

Nice cart with drinks

Spanish people

All participants went to the field for training without firing on Saturday evening. Because there were very few French regiments, some Spanish groups had to change the side. Thanks for this!

When we returned to town, prepared dish of very tasty meat with vegetables were waited for us already. Totally free.

When we returned from training, began unimaginable fiesta (party)! During afternoon inhabitants mounted a huge scene, started a disco, opened pair of bars in the open air. And wonderful stewed beef with vegetables for free for all!

While we got this wonderful dish, some man from town gave as eight glasses of a sangriya and wine with ice. It is very tasty and is again free. Very hospitable small town! :)

The reenactment of the battle started on sunday morning. The orchestra executed anthems of the countries which were participants in this battle.

One of my favorites photos from this trip!

All occurred in recently harvested  field. The dust from straw curled around us.It, of course, creates beautiful effect, but awfully jams in a nose and that is more unpleasant, in a lens. It was necessary to clean the filter each five shots.

After the battle everyone who wanted took part in parade in main square of Salamanca.

It was a great and very remarkable event. I hope next time there will be more reenactors of Napoleon I army. Guys! Spain is paradise for reenactors.  Please, come! :)


  1. Beautiful Beautiful photos. Thank you!

  2. Nice pictures. The Brunswickers have well the small flag, we have well the Brunswicker 's uniform but we are from Belgium, we are than the Belgian Brunswickers !! ;)

    1. Belgian Brunswickers is just great! :) Hope meet you some day at any event.

  3. Nice pictures and article,,congratulations..