Friday, May 25, 2012

Living history camp near Eupatoria, Crimea

Recently I've found some nice photos from living history camp near Eupatoria, Crimea. It was performed in April 2010 as first event in year dedicated to Crimean War reenactment. The main idea was to meet with our friends from Eupatoria, Minskiy Pehotniy Polk (Minskiy Infantry Regiment) in the field, create a living history bivouac and small action only for reenactors.

Camp of 3ème Régiment de Zouaves


Camp of Minskiy Pehotniy Polk


Some interaction :)

Zouaves are getting hungry and planning invasion for Russian positions

But friendship wins :)

And some general shots

So it was nice local event as season start of Crimean War reenactment 2010 combined with relax under the warm spring sun.

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  1. Well done! Great details of uniforms and equipment. A terrible war but very colorful for historians, toy soldier collectors, and reenactors. I have have a number of photos and illustration showing that women and cantinieres were in the camps. Of course they were in Sebastipol as well. Thank you for the photos. I hope to see more from 2012.