Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Battle of Alma reenactment 2012

Reenactment of the Battle of Alma were on the last weekend of September this year. The schedule of the event was unusual. This time all action was appointed on Saturday. And on Sunday everyone could go on the Mikhaylovskaya battery, look at the presentation of reenactment clubs, listen to a military orchestra and visit an exhibition devoted to the Crimean war in Sheremetyev's museum.

This year there was about 100-120 participants from Great Britain, France, Russia and Ukraine This time I had unusual role. I was accepted to great reenactment club the 18th line regiment as a soldier. So I didn't have a lot of time to take pictures. But nevertheless a few camp photos and some pictures that I've found on different sites. Our neighbors - Englishmen and Scots. Great guys by the way. It was a great pleasure to chat with them during the evenings.

Fenton's follower.

Soldier's humor :)

Saturday morning began with a grum and flute reveille :)

Two of our guys were sleeping inside this little "dog" tents. The most popular question, especially from was: "How much do you need to drink to sleep there?". And nobody believed that it is a good will :)

Morning coffee.

A few photos of my friend Natalie Golovan. You may see her report here(in russian).

Nice photo found on internet.

The major part of participants removed camp and moved to the Mikhaylovskaya battery after the battle. Our corporal made the decision to arrive there in the morning on Sunday. So we had a pleasant evening in the company of other reenactors which have postponed the moving too.

Oh, I forgot to tell something :) One of Russian soldiers, Boris, brought excellent entertainment on the field. World Kosmorama is called. That's a box with two openings for peeping and illumination from candles. There was a nice old fashioned pictures about adventures of Russian soldiers. Boris were changing pictures, twisting the handle. He made comments on everything that is described on pictures. Boris is very artistic and all allies loved this performance.

On Sunday the festival finished. We moved to the battery to Sevastopol, participated there in representation of clubs, communicated to the people. And made few great pictures near sea shore. The photos of our corporal Eugène. Perhaps, this my favorite photos from this departure :)

So how it was for participants from the side of French army. Tomorrow I'll post some pics of Russian Historical Camp and tell you about it customs.


  1. Good photos. I like the two Cantinieres. Why does the red-headed lady not wear her red pantaloons?

    1. Thank you! :) Probably it was too hot that weekend. About 30 C.

  2. Hi Liudmyla, could you tell me how much it costs to take part in this reenactment? I am really interested in next years battle! You have done a great job, it looks wonderful.